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Expecting Greatness in 2021

Posted by Clay Posey on Dec 2, 2020 10:30:00 AM
Clay Posey
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CB Blog - Expecting Greatness 2021

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year!” At least it is my favorite season. In 2020, that may be easier said than believed, Still—from Thanksgiving through New Year’s Day, I find myself a little happier and a little more energized than the rest of the year. More than the general holiday festivities, work-life seems to relax just a bit, giving me time to reflect and plan. After 2020, I think we all need some downtime to just breathe and think. Despite all of the memes, I am optimistic about 2021.

Looking forward, here is what I believe those of us in business should consider in our planning:

  1. Expect more lockdowns or at least restrictions. Regardless of who ends up in the White House (beyond the scope of this blog), expect various levels of lockdown around the country. How does that affect your business? Think about how you move to a “digital-first” mentality, even if your business is brick and mortar and dependent on foot traffic, there are ways you can engage and sell in the digital world.
  2. Expect the economy to tighten. There may be new stimulus money to come—although exactly how much and when remains to be seen. Because of politics, the new stimulus money will be hard to come by and LOTS of folks are going to struggle to make ends meet. What are you doing now to protect your employees and your business? What are you doing to make it easier for long-term customers who may be “up against it” to continue to do business with you? Finding a way to meet the needs of your customers, employees, and all of your other stakeholders will make your business a hero in this “dark winter.”
  3. Expect the division in our society to continue. Sadly, our nation is at a crossroads. We now see those with whom we disagree as the enemy. Again, regardless of who occupies the White House in January, half of the nation will believe they are illegitimate. Some of us are going to step up and be voices of reason. I am usually a “glass half full” kind of a guy and I like to make deals. Those of us who are entrepreneurs need to use all of our superpowers of deal-making to help heal the divide in the country. 
  4. Some businesses will soar! Every adversity, every failure, every heartbreak, carries with it the seed of an equal or greater benefit.” – Napoleon Hill. The word PIVOT has been grossly overused in the past few years in the startup community, but a pivot in your business, leveraging your existing relationships, supply chain, personnel, and assets may be just the ticket to your success in 2021. What do you have and what can you do to create opportunities for your business. If there is a problem that you can solve, you can grow your business in any circumstance. All of those who depend on us need us to step up and fill this role. Choose to soar!

All in all, 2021 will be what you make it. Don’t be that guy or that gal, standing in place wringing your hands in despair. Action cures fear and anxiety. It also creates a climate of confidence for people to move forward. I’m encouraging you to start planning now. Start preparing now. Start having conversations now. The faster we all work to make it better, the faster it will be better. How can you position your business to thrive in 2021. Post your thoughts in the comments!

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and God Bless Us Every One!

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