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How To Reach Buyers at the Moment of Decision

Posted by Clay Posey on Aug 20, 2020 11:00:00 AM
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“Boy, 2020 is going exactly how I thought it would!”...said nobody ever! At times this year has been more like a bad dream or a small child having a temper tantrum. The unpredictability has made all of your business challenges worse. Social media platforms and Google continue to change their algorithms to reduce organic reach in attempts to “strongly encourage” companies to buy ad space. Add in the growing number of channels a company has to control and digital burnout and it gets even more difficult to get your content noticed. 

So what if you went left while EVERYONE else is going right? What if you could place your message directly in front of your customer at their moment of decision about the exact product or service you provide? Game changer, right?

Our micro-targeting for local businesses program is exactly that game-changer. Here’s how it works:


Recent studies show that over 50% of all web traffic and over 60% of all search is coming from mobile devices...and these numbers are rising every quarter they are measured. It is more important than ever to target potential customers on their mobile devices as a first tactic rather than an afterthought. 

It’s not an exaggeration to say that everyone I know has a smartphone (some have more than one) and that they are never far from their or night. That little device knows where you went yesterday and last week...and where you are right now. 


Some targeted ads come through when people do Google searches or browse web pages that have paid advertising on them. Our MicroTargeting program shows ads inside of free apps that people are already using (the reality is that nothing is free...users pay for those apps by getting served up our ads, among others). The ads are inline as users scroll through to find information, and they are unobtrusive enough to not cause users to delete the app.

Local is where you need it to be

It’s no secret that we love our hometown of Chattanooga, Tennessee, and when we started our MicroTargeting ads our first customers were from right here. With the wealth of data we have available to us today, we are able to serve businesses of all sizes all throughout the United States. Even within larger cities there will be a tremendous amount of segmentation based on don’t advertise a gym in Marietta, Georgia, to someone who lives in Stone Mountain...a restaurant in Santa Monica is not going to be a natural fit for someone in Santa Ana, California.

Our location mapping can be as big or as small as it needs to be. We can outline a whole town, a city block, or a building...or even just part of the building. Our program uses verified visit accuracy with annual audits to confirm foot traffic and has patented verification features to make sure the potential customer is in the right place.

Audience segmentation and targeting

Once the target audience has their mobile device with the right apps on it and “gets local,” there are a variety of other criteria that our MicroTargeting program sorts through. If we were advertising for a golf course, we would want to measure their interest in the sport, as well as whether they had visited other courses. A car dealership would be more interested in if someone is showing not just “interest” but “intent” to buy a new vehicle.

Selling homes in an upscale section of your town? Then your primary targeting factor might be household income. If you own a home repair business, you might need to have ads targeted for specific weather conditions.

On top of that, once a potential customer lands in one of our MicroTargeted zones, they may be retargeted with ads that show up on their desktop computer or other smart devices at home.

The most affordable digital advertising available

In a “mobile-first” world, advertising costs in that space has seen a corresponding increase. ClearBox’s MicroTargeting program is affordable to set up and invaluable to keep running. The low setup and maintenance fees allow for ad sets to be tweaked or completely swapped out once a month, plus the target audience parameters to be dialed-in until we find the sweet spot for your business and your customers. We have shown a cost of customer acquisition as low as $5.23/customer, making it the best bargain for advertising in the digital space.

Take the next step

As you read everything above, I hope your mind was racing with thoughts of “This could be so great for my business!” and “I wonder what would happen if we tried X to target this group!” If so, you probably already know that ClearBox Strategies MicroTargeting is something your business could use. Want to make sure? Click the button below to set up time to chat. In less than 15 minutes, you’ll know if this program makes sense for your business. Think about it, “Will it be you or your competition that grabs this new, powerful technology?”

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