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Tools We Can’t Live Without

Posted by David Jones on Jan 14, 2020 11:00:00 AM
David Jones

tools graphic compEvery job has essentials. Painters have favorite brushes, musicians have instruments. A chef might have a favorite knife or preferred skillet. Farmers have relied on John Deere for decades. For those of us at ClearBox, some of our mission-critical tools are...

The Mac
macThis one probably goes without saying, but we’re going to say it anyway. Everyone in our office uses a Mac and probably always will. Yes, Windows computers may well be able to do everything we need to do on a daily basis...but the Mac OS just has this magical ability to get out of the way and allow for real work to get accomplished.

Dave says, “I’ve used a Mac laptop so long that I prefer using a trackpad to using a traditional mouse...Apple’s Magic Trackpad is amazing. Is it odd that the platform that has popularized the mouse is the one that is giving a solid option for moving away from it?”

Adobe Creative Cloud
AdobeFrom creating logos to re-touching photos to building print ads, there are no better tools on the market than Adobe’s. Hardly a day goes by that each of us on the marketing team doesn’t open up at least one of Photoshop, Illustrator, or InDesign. And it’s a good day when we have the chance to work in all three.

Our video professional friends just chimed in and said we should mention Premiere Pro and After Effects, too. Consider them mentioned

cameraPics or it didn’t happen? That’s where we come in. We seek to capture those perfect moments. You know, the ones where the dog manages to lick the ice cream cone when you slightly turn your head, the utter look of surprise of a fellow coworker after being the victim of a hilarious prank, the brilliant Ugly Christmas Sweater creations, and more. Snap, click, now to edit - that’s just how we roll.

16,798 photos later and here we are. Katie, our Creative Director, thrives in this element. You can hear those notorious heels and camera clicks a mile away.

“Photos are the best ticket to any moment in time. I enjoy the clicks, the raw, real, authenticity of people that bring those moments to life. It’s in those moments that we see the bright smiles, belly laughs, and crazy eyes that are captured. That’s why I do what I do. I love to uncover the real behind people. So next time you see me, smile, because most likely I am one click away from another captured moment.” - Katie

Smart Phones
smartphoneMost of us have iPhones (hey, they work better with the Macs we all use every day!), but no matter what platform, our phones do an amazing amount of work for us every day. Phone calls, sure...text messages, that’s assumed...helping us keep up with our emails, Slack messages, keep appointments and take quick and easy, yet professional and dynamic photos and video. I’m pretty sure the only person who saw all of this coming and able to fit in your back pocket was Steve Jobs. Hey, they also work really well with the next item…

Cat says, “I have my iPhone on me 24/7… I'm not kidding. I’m not sure if I have a problem or not? Oh well. But really, my iPhone allows me to talk to the people I need to talk to, get to where I need to go (with Uber or Lyft), order food when I’m hungry, message coworkers on Slack, make my to-do lists, and my iPhone allows me to explore the wonders of social media. Smartphones are really the tech-gadget of the decade, am I right?”

headphonesSeriously, if you’ve ever worked in an office with Clay, you know that noise-canceling headphones are a must. These days it’s best to go with Bluetooth headphones so you don’t get tangled up in wires every time you have to make a lap around the office. To go with the headphones, you’ll want some kind of music streaming service...we are busy scheduling a cage match throwdown between the users of Apple Music and Spotify here in our office, but you want to know a secret? You really can’t go wrong with either.

Social Media
socialmediaFacebook is not just a platform where you can argue politics with complete strangers in other time zones. Instagram isn’t just a place to look at what everyone is eating. We have learned to harness these (and other) social media platforms to get the message of your company out to the public, attract new customers, and spur repeat business in those you already have. Our secret sauce is to be creative, fun, engaging, and consistent while mixing static images, animations, and video posts.

coffeeOkay, so it’s not “tech” and we’re not even sure how much most people would consider it a “tool,” but let’s be honest and say that some days there wouldn’t be much work getting done around the ClearBox offices without copious amounts of highly-caffeinated beverages delivered on a steady basis. Coffee isn’t the only thing to fit that description, but the K-Cup machine is getting a healthy workout. Plus we’ve been doing monthly “Coffee and Collaboration” meetings in local coffee houses, trying to get out in public and meet with present and future clients. Come hang with us sometime!

Clay says, “Coffee is for closers! Seriously, coffee keeps my brain fog away and ensures the safety of the rest of the team ;-). But my favorite tool is my phone (and my CRM). I’m the 'sales guy' in the office so, as noted above, I’m talking. All. Day. Long. Without the phone, I’m out of business for sure.

We’ve talked enough...what about you? What are some of the tools you use to get through your workday and be more productive?

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