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Why ClearBox?

Posted by Clay Posey on Nov 4, 2019 1:50:32 PM
Clay Posey
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Why ClearBox

As I write this, I’m sitting in an office with glass walls...a literal “clear box.” The office came second after we had established the concept for this business and the name: ClearBox Strategies.

It’s become a cliche to say “think outside the box” over the past few decades, but the reality is that we can never move beyond our own boxes in business. The boxes can end up constricting us, stifling communication and hindering growth. Which got me thinking: “What if the boxes were clear?”

Every business has 3 teams that need to work together to achieve maximum success--sales, marketing, and service. The Marketing team creates a face for the business, something that can be used to attract customers for your products and services. The Sales team follows by bringing those customers fully in and convincing them why your company’s products and services are better than someone else’s. Finally, the Service team takes care of that customer’s needs once the Sales team brought them on board. Often these teams will work in isolation from each other, frustrated with the lack of communication between the different working parts.

We may never get rid of the boxes that these teams work within, but if we make those boxes transparent, there will be more obvious lines of communication, which will maximize the potential for growth in the business.

That’s why ClearBox Strategies was founded. We provide the marketing and creative know-how to attract new business and enterprise-level tools to collect the needed data for the sales team to follow up and create customers out of prospects. Then we provide open lines of communication so those customers can get the best ongoing service.

The how is in the first part of our company’s slogan: “Bright Ideas.” works. Our creative team uses cutting edge website development and design to put your website in front of the people who need to see it. The content is compelling, appealing, and designed to generate action on your prospects part. We start with a blank page and build your brand from the ground up, or we start with your existing assets and make sure they are as fresh and compelling as possible.

Creative, compelling content presented at the right time to the right person is our hallmark.

This leads to the second part of the slogan: “Clear Results.” We provide software tools that give you clear tracking and insight into all of your customer interactions. You’ll see where leads come from, how they move through your sales process, and measure exactly how happy (or not) they are with your services at the end of their journey to ownership of your product or service. 

Deep insights into customer behavior on your website, interaction with emails, as well as the human to human touches are presented in clear reports that give you at-a-glance dashboards on what is and isn’t working in your Company. 

Combined with our Creative Team, we deliver the results you expect and set your business up for success.

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