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Digital Growth Agency

Helping you create predictable revenue and profit




What is a Digital Growth Agency?

A digital growth agency is a different kind of animal. We leverage all the digital advertising tools of traditional digital marketing agencies, but extend them in a whole new way.

When we approach your business, we are looking at the entire customer journey: beginning with their first impression right through to their review of your product or services on Google or Facebook and beyond.

We are working inside your whole business development cycle to build value for your clients and actionable data for you. We have one obsession - fueling the growth of your company. Everything we do is about driving revenue and profitability.

Learn more below or talk to us to get your questions answered in person.

Digital Growth Agency
The ClearBox Platform


Generate qualified leads.

We create content, analyze web traffic, capture leads, and consult your team on getting sales-ready.


Turn leads into customers.

Our team uses our proprietary systems to find and market to your specific lead set. We put your message in front of your buyers and close deals.


Convert customers into promoters

Learn how to keep customers by resolving customer issues to ensure success, exceed their expectations, and gain access to tools that generates positive word of mouth.

Inbound Marketing

Our team utilizes a technological suite of software that helps your business grow better by integrating your team’s digital tools, data, and processes.

With our HubSpot Partner Agency, we collaborate our resources to ensure that your company has access to convert strangers into promoters. All the while, ensuring you're maintaining a great customer relationship with your clients.

Attract. Convert. Close. Delight.

Learn about HubSpot

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ClearBox Strategies Youtube

Our Strategies 

Watch this video to hear from our CEO, Clay Posey, on what strategies we utilize to fuel your company's growth.

We turn your Bright Ideas into Clear Results

ClearBox YouTube

Your Collaborative Marketing Team

For about the cost of a single full time marketing employee, you can have a full service marketing team! Strategy, Content, Video, Social Media, and more! Imagine having a full creative and strategy team going to work for you everyday

Our agency never takes a sick day, and we never take a vacation.

We’re a passionate team that’s eager to grow your business. Take action!

Your Collaborative Team

Our Services

Marketing DNA

Marketing DNA is the foundation to your company's success.

That foundation needs to be integrated, considering all the many factors and channels involved.

That's where ClearBox comes in. 

We're known for discovering a company's DNA and what marketing strategies comes next that align with your needs and goals.

Let's get personal and discover your Marketing DNA.

Business Development Strategy

We're passionate about delivering marketing strategies that align with your needs and goals.

The strategy can be long or short-term and includes high-level plans, execution tactics, and reporting to know you are getting the results you expect.

Let us help you strategize!

Your Collaborative Marketing Team

Our team collaborates to develop and manage marketing campaigns to win new business for our clients.

We deliver creative, data-driven, digital, measurable, and Clear Results.

We discover your Marketing DNA, give you access to the award-winning marketing software—HubSpot—offer Design Services, manage Social Media accounts, and more!


With Search Engine Marketing (SEM), and Search Engine Optimization (SEO), we use our artificial intelligence driven capabilities to maximize your reach while lowering your overall spending.

We help you rank your site as well as your larger presence on the web through our SEO strategies. We'll find the best keywords for your industry, optimize on-page content, and help with finding quality backlink opportunities.

Our targeting for ads is unparalleled in the industry. SEO and SEM are a one-two punch to pull in new customers on a regular basis.

Content Creation

We are Creative. Impactful. Transparent. 

Our design team is made up professional, energetic, and creative minds. We live and breathe to create content.

We are not limited to what we can create for you: leave-behinds, direct mail, stationary, business cards, anything digital, and we're up to any challenge you want to throw our way!

Wanna know more? Heck yeah!

Email & Social Media Marketing

Email marketing is best built on a strategy with targeted campaigns. We'll help you segment your lists to craft more intimate messaging.

We also recommend nurturing campaigns as a smart way to turn interested parties into customers.

Social Media can be the best channel for you to connect with your audience. We'll start with optimizing your profiles. We also engage your customers and prospects on social media in an authentic way to keep them involved.

From video and static content to social media advertising, we target the exact audience with the exact message at the exact time they want to see it.

Connect today, and let us help you!

Why ClearBox

Bright Ideas

Why ClearBox?

Clearbox Strategies works to quickly improve revenue streams for our clients. We do this by focusing on the whole marketing-sales-customer service process. Beginning with a no-cost, no-obligation discovery session, we “peek under the hood” of your marketing engine and then use Service Design Thinking to create a multi-stage, multi-channel approach.

To read more on why YOU should hire ClearBox, click the button below!

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Bright Ideas Blog

Clear Results

We loved working with Clay. He had great ideas, He takes a five point approach to your business. We just wish we would have started our business with him so we could have saved ourselves some mistakes. Clay also has a wide variety of influence which is helpful when you are trying to reach out to certain industries.

I highly recommend starting your company with Clay Posey. Using ClearBox Strategies helped me save weeks of work. Their delightful level of quality and service is consistent and one of a kind.

I can't recommend ClearBox Strategies enough.

Beverley Jerman
VP of New Business Development

I LOVE this group!! Katie Reece, the Creative Director is working with me on Facebook Videos for our local office in Cleveland and the results are AMAZING!

Our Clients are excited about the end product and how professional the videos look!

ClearBox Strategies was the missing piece to my puzzle. From start to finish, they solved every problem and helped us achieve our goals in the most professional way possible.

Lisa Geren

Clay Posey and his team are very knowledgeable. They will help you put a marketing plan together that is tailored to your budget, and needs.

We have had outstanding results, and look forward to our continued growth together.

CJ Hicks
Owner & Founder
Clay and the Clearbox team are amazing! I will never turn to anyone else for help with marketing my business.
Steve Morgan
Manager 'Nooga Chapter

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We’re a passionate team that’s eager to grow your business. Take action.