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Meet the Team



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Who is ClearBox?

We are ClearBox! We are experts at helping you find your unique value proposition and then making sure that everyone knows!

We are a collection of creatives, strategists, and technical experts that blend our talents to deliver the best web presence and conversion rates available for small and medium businesses.

We leverage our training and experience, technology, and good old-fashioned, hands-on work by our subject matter experts to fill your prospect pipeline, convert those prospects into sales, and then take your happy customers and turn them into the best promoters of your business.


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ClearBox Strategies


At Clearbox Strategies, our vision is to be your solution for improving your customer’s experience from first introduction through satisfied customer and company advocate.


Clearbox Strategies is on a mission to introduce tools and tactics to small and medium businesses that are normally available only to Fortune 500 corporations. We want to help our clients leapfrog their competition and scale rapidly out of their own cash flow, eliminating the need for loans, factoring, or outside investors.

Clay Posey
Co-Founder & CEO

Clay is the driving force of ClearBox Strategies. He saw a need to bring enterprise-scale marketing solutions to small and medium businesses - and ClearBox Strategies was born. Check out some fun facts about Clay:

  • He's a Granda to Riley 1st and foremost!
  • ClearBox is his 5th start-up
  • Clay's favorite emoji: 😎
Katie Reece
Co-Founder & Creative Director

Katie is the heart of ClearBox Strategies. She has the right eye to spot the right images, colors, and textures to bring our client's brands to life. Check out some fun facts about Katie: 

  • She LOVES yoga and plans to teach one day!
  • She's quite the outdoor enthusiast - paddleboarding is one of her favorite outdoor activities & she’s often found going on adventures!
  • Katie's favorite emoji: 💋
David Jones
Graphic Designer

Dave has been designing for print for more than 20 years, as well as designing for the web for nearly a decade. Check out some fun facts about David below:

  • Dave loves baseball, he's a huge Dodgers fan!
  • He's been writing cigar reviews online for over 10 years!
  • Dave's favorite emoji: 👊
Brody Contarino
Video Producer/Strategist

Brody creates exceptional works of art with his videography skills and manages to capture the story of each business. Check out some fun facts about Brody below:

  • He has been to 32 countries!
  • He’s seen every episode of friends.
  • Brody's favorite emoji: 😉
Bemi Ojo
Web Developer & Coding Expert

Bemi is a Full-stack web developer/designer and is passionate about how he leverages tech to power creativity. Bemi combines left-brain and right-brain thinking to make awesome stuff on the web. Check out some fun facts about Bemi below:

  • Bemi used to be in a rap group in his teens 
  • He also started his first company in his teens (an online music magazine)
  • Bemi's favorite emoji is: 🤗


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