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Starter Growth Package


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What is Starter?

Picture this: You just opened your DREAM business! Now you need customers to keep your dream from sinking. Where do you start? How do you advertise yourself? How are you going to attract, engage, convert, and delight your customers?

Introducing Starter

With your Starter package, our team pulls together a great suite of digital and online marketing tools to help you get results fast. We look at analytics and come up with appropriate courses of action for your company, produce written and multimedia content, manage social media accounts, and track your success with HubSpot.

The Starter is our entry level package and is suitable for companies with revenue of $250,000 to $500,000 per year.  You don't have to try to run your business and run your marketing. We become your marketing department and you get to leverage the power of a full creative team without having the huge overhead of a dozen or more employees.

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Starter Services

Marketing DNA (optional)

Marketing DNA is *OPTIONAL* and can be added on to your service package for an additional fee.

Marketing DNA is the foundation to your company's success.

That foundation needs to be integrated, considering all the many factors and channels involved.

That's where ClearBox comes in. 

We're known for discovering a company's DNA and what marketing strategies comes next that align with your needs and goals.

For a limited time, any company that purchases a Marketing DNA Review will have ALL on-boarding fees waived. 

Let's get personal and discover your Marketing DNA.


HubSpot Portal Setup

In our Starter Service Package, we set up HubSpot for you and consult you on how to navigate it.

Our team has been training with the HubSpot platform since 2009 and we collaborate with the HubSpot network across the globe.

This platform with HubSpot is all powered by the same database, so everyone in your organization -- Marketing, Sales & Services can work towards satisfying your customers even more.

We have the resources available to you to help you market your agency, track with HubSpot, and deliver services to grow your business.

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SEO Management

With Starter, we help you rank your site as well as your larger presence on the web through our SEO management strategy.

We'll find the best keywords for your industry, optimize on-page content, and help with finding quality backlink opportunities.

We help you achieve your goals by using our proprietary systems to find and then market to your specific lead set.

Whether it is a list of perfect people or a specific role that you want to reach, we put your message in front of your buyers.

Design Services

At ClearBox Strategies we offer a variety of Design Services with the common goal of helping your business succeed:

  • Strategy + Content Writing
  • Custom Content Creation Services
  • Video Production
  • SEO Review
  • Newsletter
  • Business Card Design
  • And more!

Our team of creative professionals will make sure all of your design needs feel like they belong together.

Custom Reporting

Our team is data-driven.

Which means we throughly analyze your growth through the HubSpot portal, we track your marketing campaigns, and we create a detailed monthly report for you each month.

We're a transparent company looking to help your company succeed! We don't hide anything from our clients. We're a ClearBox.

Social Media Management 

With Starter, our team optimizes one of your social media accounts of your choosing.

We'll start with optimizing one of your profiles. (Specifically: Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn). Then we will create custom content that will be posted on one account, three times a week. 

We also engage your customers and prospects on social media in an authentic way to keep them involved.

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Our team can custom-tailor our services to meet your company's needs.

Pay as you grow.





Online Presence Management

Social Media Management (including Video Production)

Technical Setup of your HubSpot portal (CRM, Marketing, Sales, Service)

Content Creation including VIDEO!

and more!

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Online Presence Management

Development of Social Media Management (including Video Production)

Technical Setup of your HubSpot portal (CRM, Marketing, Sales, Service)

Optimize Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn Company pages

Strategy + Content Writing

Targeted Lead Generation

Custom Content Creation Services

Reporting Setup for Marketing, Sales, and Customer Service 

Website Development Plan

Branding and Identity Review
HubSpot Onboarding

Custom Reporting

Website Traffic Analytics

and more!

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